Thanks for stopping by to visit Treowe Blues Great Danes - we are excited to share our beautiful family with you! An old Germanic term, "Treowe" is defined as True, Loyal and Faithful. An awesome and perfect description for the Apollo of Dogs, I chose Treowe as the title for our Danes.

     My name is Lynnsey, and my husband and I have been breeding Danes for just over 10 years now! Our foundation and focus lies with the remarkable Blue Dane. Proudly representing sound health and temperament, as well as that signature Blue color. Over recent years we have been blessed to grow our family and breeding program with the addition of the Black Dane. Our stunning solid black girl, "Haileigh" furthered our committment to temperament and the AKC standards, as well as helped us to preserve exceptional color representation and sleek, healthy skin and coats.With "Tytus," our first Dane, I was constantly amazed by his uncanny intelligence and charisma; not to mention the breathtaking beauty of such a stately animal. After much research and mentoring, we added our first dam, "Southern Belle" to the family. Full of character and probably one of the sweetest girls we have known, "Belle" was a great compliment to "Tytus." And so it began - I will never forget our first litter, the excitement, anticipation, joy and HUGE learning curve. Eleven blue dane puppies will really keep you on your toes!! We knew right away that we had started on a one of a kind journey with a pretty special pair of Danes.

     Treowe Blues Great Danes is committed to promoting exceptional health, temperament, and structural soundness, as well as reinforcing the breed standard. Because we are dealing with a living being, health is something you can not arbitrarily guarantee (though we wish these guys and gals could live to be 100). We are devoted to the health of this breed and therefore spend countless hours (and dollars) with our veterinarian working over blood tests, X-rays and exams to ensure that our breeding pair not only look the part, but are also sound and suitable to produce future generations. Additionally, we make sure our danes have healthy lifestyles including diet, exercise and training appropriate to their needs. Above all, we seek the Lord before any breeding and desire to glorify Him with all that we do!


     In choosing a Treowe Blues Great Dane, you have yourself just embarked on a pretty special journey. Danes are characterized by their great size, nobility and fierce loyalty. A regal breed, that has earned the epithet - Gentle Giant, our Danes historically measure 34 or more inches at the withers, with none below 32 inches - and typically weigh between 130 and 165lbs.  Although grand in stature, these magnificent companions have huge hearts and require camaraderie of humans. A Dane will always be ready to join you for any adventure, whether it be a cozy afternoon on the couch (in which case you'll have to draw straws to see who really gets to lay on the couch) or hanging out around the lake. Described as affectionate, playful and patient with children, Danes love and need to be around people. An amazing and majestic breed, the Great Dane is a truly spirited, courageous, friendly protector who is never timid, and always dependable. For these reasons and many more I am devoted to the betterment of this breed, and helping to match families with the perfect Dane.     

     My family and I have truly enjoyed sharing our lives and our home (and often too much of our personal space) with all of our four-legged friends. Over the years we have continued to grow and strive to set high standards for a quality breeding program. Our family has truly been blessed with such exquisite and stunning Danes and we are excited to continue moving forward with both Blue and Black Danes. Additionally, because these Danes are not "just a dog" or "just a paycheck," we will continue to stay dedicated to our "extended family members." While we may not know every answer, we have proven that breeder support is a top priority and will remain true to those who open their loving homes to one of our marvelous Danes. Thank you for visiting with us - we look forward to sharing these blessings with you! Enjoy getting to know my family and feel free to contact me via email or by phone (937) 597.2468!