Treowe Blues Precisely My Lady

Meet our beautiful blue gal, "Charlotte."  This spunky, goofy, full of life lady is brining us back to the svelt stature and incredibly sleek lines of the American Great Dane.  She is the product of fifteen years of extremely meticulous breeding choices and we couldn't be more proud.  "Charlotte" is the daughter of our sensational black gal, "Klare" and the handsome blue lad, "Oakley" (CH Dantry Danes Optical Precision) - a combination that has proved to be absolutely perfect.  Inside and out, this lady is a truely remarkable dane.  Her sleek blue color, gorgeous neckline and stately chest proudly exemplify the breed standard.  Additionally, our tender, snuggley lap dane shares many characteristics with our foundation stud, "Tytus."  While "Charlotte" is the first to bound out the door and gallop through the yard, she is also very capable of opening the door if is not being done quickly enough.  She is curious, observant and always in the way!  Drinking from the sink, helping with dinner and holding "hands" are a few of her favorite activities.  All in all, our sweet, silly, adorable gal is an awesome combination of new life and foundational treasures!  We are so pleased with "Charlotte" and look forward to the puppies she will produce.

Dear Mom, please get a bigger vehicle!

Posing for Pictures is so hard - please let me have some pizza now!

 Look at that face

 Charlotte and her favorite human!

 Baby Charlotte at Six Weeks Old!

Always so curious

Ready to go!