So, you think you're ready to love a Treowe Blues Great Dane?  We expect that once you meet our amazing four-leggers and get to know all about our progam and our family that you'll most likely WANT a Treowe Dane....but the question is are you TRULY ready to love one (or more) of our beautiful babies forevermore?  Through good times AND bad?

Afterall, we are raising more than "just a dog" here!  Great Danes are a one of a kind companion and deserve to recieve as much, if not more than they are able to give...which if you've ever known a Great Dane, is quite a lot!

So, if you believe you've got what it takes, please take some time to download and read our Contract and Purchase Agreement!  If you have not already, you will also need to contact us by phone for a personalized interview as well as submit your current veterinarian information (if applicable) for reference check.  And as always - call, email or text with any questions you might have!