Pet Health Insurance

Several of our Treowe Families carry PetPlan and have been sincerely satisfied with their coverage and support.  PetPlan will also cover "Breed Specific" or "Genetic" conditions.

Embrace will allow you to compare rates with an online quote comparison tool!  We also love Embrace because they provide coverage for issues labeled "Genetic" or "Breed Specific."

In addition to individualized plans, Trupanion offers up to 90% coverage and no payout limits!  In researching insurances specifically for Great Danes, Trupanion is one of the most highly recommended.

AKC offers a 60 day complimentary trial as well as access to real cases on their website so you can understand what they have to offer.  You can choose from 5 different plan options and get a quote online!

The minute you least expect it, an accident could happen - so it is best to be prepared!  While we hope to never need it, having Health Insurance for your Pet can come in handy, even for the the routine vet visit or occasional medication need!

We love our danes and want to be able to provide as best we can for them, and with the right Pet Health Insurance plan you know you always can.  Imagine not having to make a decision based only on affordability - while you will still have cost out of pocket, a $1,000 vet emergency bill can be much easier to manage with Insurance already in place!

Great Danes tend to be a low maintenace breed for the most part, however, by the time s/he is about 6-7 months old, you're forever more in the 100lb plus club, thus making medications, X-Rays, and almost any other necessity cost double.  Thankfully, there are lots of customizable options available for you to consider when setting up your health insurance, to help you account for the needs of your gentle giant!  Additionally, all of the top four plans listed below offer savings with multiple pet plans!  So if your dane is not your only four legged family member, regardless of age and sometimes pre-existing conditions, you can find plans to suite everyone in the family!  PetPlan and Embrace will even cover conditions and diseases classified as "Breed Specific" or "Genetic."

Reglardless of your specific needs and budget, you can find options to support you and your dane!  Take the time to do your research and speak with your vet to know which insurances they will accept.  While our efforts are noble in doing all we can to be responsible pet owners, we cannot predict it all, nor can we handle it all without a little help!