The Beautiful Ladies & Gents who will forever hold our hearts...

 ~ Majesty, loyalty, charisma...our one-of-a-kind "Tytus Andronicus" had it all and so much more.  He is the reason we fell so in love with this breed, and what an amazing foundation he was for this program we have now. His influences run deep, and while we will never have another like him, our memories will last forever!  10 years was not nearly long enough my friend!


4 Champions in 5 Generations;

9 Champions in 8 Generations  

Top Kennel such as Sharcon and Willowrun

Top Danes such as CH. Sir Chewbocca of Ruby; CH Sir Lancelot of Ruby

~ While "Belle's" booming barks could startle you without fail, she could also set you at ease with her trademark hand holding!  Her tender heart is proudly on display through our younger generations, as is her regal beauty. Our amazing "Southern Belle" proudly and perfectly complimented "Tytus," setting in motion this incredible program we are so richly blessed by.  We are so thankful to have been loved by such a special "momma -girl." 

Highlights from "Belle's" Pedigree

Int./A CH. WYSIWYG's Lothario V Longo BISS CH. Longo's Endless Gossip

BIS, BISS CH. Longo's Primo D'Aquino

CH. Sterling Blue Chariesis

A/C CH. Willowrun's WYSIWYG Gulliver CGC

Highlights from Haileigh's Pedigree

CH. Witamy True Diamond Diplomat

CH. Von Riesenhof Maxwell

Multi CH. Gianluca Von Mendenerberg

CH. WYSIWYG Black Sambvca

Highlights from "Laela's" Pedigree

CH. Sharcon's Tomahawk

CH. Rachel's Ravon Pal V Willowrun

CH. Willowrun's Tomterific V Riverwood CH. Willowrun's Blue V Riverwood

CH. Coleridge Sophia De Macleo

Highlights from "Abbi's" Pedigree

Int. CH. Izydor Medium Int.

CH. Nikita Medium

2x Hungarian Prima Champion

Blue Devil Capella

Multi CH. Gianluca vom Mendenerberg Int. CH. Erchino Von Lion's Cottage

~  There are too few words to adequately describe our sensational gal, "Haileigh."  Her captivating elegance and gentle disposition proudly represented the breed.  We were so blessed, not only by her sweet companionship, but also by her beautiful progeny.  Both "Klare" and "Quinn" graciously carry on her temperament and regal physique.  "Haileigh" could really turne heads when we walked down the street, but her favorite place was curled up right next to us - we will forever hold dear our time with her.

~ She flew all the way from Hungary, just to join our family, and what an awesome addition she was!  "Abbi" epitomized, gentle well firmly believed she was a lap dog!!  We are truly grateful for the stately influences she provided and desperately wish we could have made more memories with this wonderful gal. "Abbi's" robust personality and brilliant features are quite evident in our program today.  We are forever blessed to have had the chance to love the beautiful "Abbi-gurl."

~  Spry to the very end, "Laela" never believed she was a day older than 2!  Walking was always too boring, so she pranced instead - and sitting, never - instead she would seat herself as if she were at the head of the table.  We adored her glamourous presentations and will forever hold on to those memories.  "Laela's" contributions to our program are immeasureable and we certainly wish these amazing Danes could live forever.