We get tons of emails and phone calls asking us about what products we use for training, grooming, feeding, etc. that is just seemed right to put together a page for everyone to visit and have access to links and info all the time.  Please know, this page will grow and change as we learn more, see more and have new needs!  We also encourage our Treowe Family and Friends to email us and submit your favorite products so we can share those with the rest of the community as well!!  Thanks for checking in, we hope this page proves useful to our fellow dane family!

*please note* While I have a wonderful network of mentors and veterinarians in addtion to almost 13 years with ONE breed, we do not claim to know the answers to every question and our recommendations are based on what we know TODAY!  I will be diligent to update information as we grow our knowledge base and will be open to input from others within the community.  Please do not take our recommendations as the ONLY way, or as absolute truth - do your research and seek Veterinarian advice when pertinent to make sure that the solution you find is the best for your situation!

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Additional Products we love for healthy, shiny coats:  

The ZOOM GROOM brush is the perfect brush for short hair breeds and our danesove the soft, flexible, rubber massagers.  The Zoom Groom fits perfectly in your had as well.  It is comfortable and easy to work with - an all around win for everyone!  The Zoom Groom can be found in almost any pet store, we order ours online, HERE.

FOAL COATS are absolutely wonderful for those living in colder climates.  Short hair breeds do not love the freezing temps or blustery winds, so the Foal Coats can help keep the bite of the wind and cold temps off our Danes.  Too much exposure to the dropping temps and harsh winds can even cause dry skin or psoriasis conditions.  Local TSC and farming stores will carry Foal Coats, however we find ours HERE.

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COAT, SKIN, PAWS:  Proper breeding and well rounded nutrition is imperative for healthy skin.  While we do not recommend many supplements, there are a few natural solutions we employ to help protect and pamper your Dane's Skin, Coat and Paws.  One of our favorite go - to products is Coconut Oil.  No special brand or online ordering here, we usually pick it up at our local Aldi's store believe it or not.  They have a wonderful brand, Simply Natural.  Before I discovered Simply Natural, we purchased the Whole Foods brand from their store.  We also recommend OPTIMA 365 when the winter weather causes dryer skin or if you need an extra boost.  It's not necessarily an all year round, every day product like Coconut Oil, but it has worked very well with our Northern families!  And for those precious paw pads we have a couple options; UDDER CREAM and SNOUT CREAM and PROTECT A PAD.  When we are talking about general skin care in the sense of bathing, our long time favorite is another simple store purchase: Suave Naturals Coconut Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner.  Occaisionally we will use Mane N Tail.  Both can be found at local Target or Walgreens or similar stores.

PROBIOTICS:   There are many theories surrounding the use of probiotics and almost as many types of probiotics to choose from.  The simple reality is that using Probiotics supports healthy weight gain and growth, decreases the frequency and severity of illness, allergies, etc. and helps maintain a healthy, well functioning immune system.  Our preferred Probiotic for every day health is N'ZYMES BAC PAK PLUS from First Choice Naturals.  Our Treowe puppies as well as our adult danes do well with a daily dose of the N'Zymes probiotics.  While this is recommended for daily use there are other options in the event of extraordinary stress such as illness or antibiotic use, surgery or injury.  In cases like that, something like FORTI FLORA would be recommended in some cases, however always check with your veterinarian (or us if we are able to answer your questions) before moving forward with any changes.