See what our "Extended Family" members have to say...

"We would raise another in a heartbeat. Thank you lynnsey."

-- Lexi & David, FL (Finn)

" guys having so much experience and love for the breed made my decision to get a Dane from you guys very easy." 

                             --- Blake, LA (Otto & Amis)

"Harley has become such a wonderful member of our little family! We are so happy with him he makes us laugh every day!"

                        --- Chelsea & Josh, CA (Harley)

"We are amazed every day with how much love Duke is filled with. He is an amazing
addition to our family and even more amazing with our children. We love that he has
a special relationship with each one of us. Duke is one of a kind and we are so
thankful to call him ours. Thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt him."

--- Cope Family, OH (Duke)

"I am so proud of Grant!!  We took him to our grandson's flag football game and there were hundreds of parents and kids around because several games were going on at the same time. All these adults and kids came over to pet him and he greeted everyone with a wag of his tail and loved the attention and all the petting! There was a dog that came over to see him, and he laid down in that playful stance, and everyone said, "awwwww.. he wants to play.."  When everyone left him, he laid on the ground next to me and watched everyone. I didn't even have to tell him. What a well behaved dog! Course people took out their cameras! I should start charging for a photoshoot! He doesn't get into crowds much and I was so pleased at his behavior. I would not have taken him if I thought there would be a problem, but he was good beyond my expectations. He truly gave points to the breed of "gentle giants"!"

                                --- Bob & Lucy, PA (Grant & Sam)

"After searching for a while looking for a breeder who cared about the animals not just the opportunity to profit from them. I found Treowe Blue Great Danes!! I contacted them, and immediately knew they were the ones I would want to work with for my new baby!! We got everything we asked for our Claire is healthy beautiful and such a fun loving girl!! I would HIGHLY recommend them for a breeder! They take special care with the pups they communicate with you, send pictures that make your heart melt and an amazing family that very much care about the future of the
pups and their new families. Excellent!"

                            --- Davis Family, OH (Claire)

"I can not say enough about Treowe Blues Great Danes. Once you get one of their beautiful pups you will be hooked on this breed and breeder. They were excellent to deal with from the first time we had contact. They produce a top quality dane in every way. The one thing that I can not say enough about is that they excel in their breeder support. When they say they offer lifetime support they mean it! The two times so far with Buster we have had to seek advice and guidance they were there for us, over and above our expectations. They helped us through our issues and supported us to the highest standards. I was at one time out of town with Buster dealing with a medical issue and the one person I knew I could contact for advice and morale support was Lynnsey. I will never be able to express at that time how much that meant to me and Buster. Lynnsey and Ty are so dedicated to this breed and their love and support show it. The one thing I can not stress to people loving this breed is with giant breeds can come giant vet bills. I recommend to everyone to think about pet insurance, hope and pray you'll never need it but breath a huge sigh of relief if you do that you know it will be there for you and your pup.

   ---Claudia & Mark Stouffer, PA (Bubbles, Buster, Buddy & Caliber)