Resources and Information

There are many factors to consider when choosing the proper food for your Great Dane.  While many people may just grab whatever bag is on sale at the local grocery, Great Danes require a consistent, healthy, balanced diet in order to best provide for their bodies.  Great Danes will grow at an incredible rate during the first two years, most rapidly in the first six to eight months; Make sure to do your research and read each lable carefully before selecting a brand of food.  For more information on feeding your Great Dane, click on the link to the left and visit our information page!

Veterinarians and Breeders all have several different approaches to safely and appropriately careing for any animal.  While Veterinarians take a very general approach, it is up to you (and your breeder) to do the research and learn how different vaccines and medications could affect your Great Dane.  One of our main concerns is protecting your pups immune system and not over loading your pup with too many "Modified Live Viruses," or VACCINES, as they are commonly known.  We also need to be concerned with how frequently their immune system is exposed to vaccines and what viruses are actually included in the vaccine.  To learn about our general recommendations, please click on the link to the right, however depending on the common threats in your area it may be necessary to modify your vaccination approach.  

Short hair breeds have a plethora of pluses and minuses when it comes to grooming and hair care.  While you will never find a large ball of hair built up in a corner of the room, you will most assuredly pull on a sweater only to be poked int he side by a sneaky single dane hair.  In addition to proper nutrition, a few simple practices will keep your Danes coat shining and healthy, their elbows and pads moisturized and their nails short and manageable.  Click on the link to the Left to learn some neat tricks and easy ways to care for your Dane!

A well mannered Great Dane will be the best family pet you ever have, no question about it!  Their loyal, loving personalities and deisre to please will provide your family with a wonderful companion their whole life through.  While there are several different methods for command training and potty training, the keys to succes are consistency and firm leadership!  Remember, Danes are sensitive!  Thus, harsh tones, yelling, inconsistency - all of these tactics will produce an unpredictable, defensive Dane who lacks confidence and has no idea what s/he is expected to do!  For details on training and exercise, click on the link to the left!

The minute you least expect it anything can happend - so it is best to be prepared!  Even for  routine vet visits or the occasional medication, it can be helpful to have Insurance for your Pet.  We love our Danes and want to be able to do the best for them always - with Pet Health Insurance, it's never a question!  Take your time and do the research needed to make the right decision for your family!  You may also find helpful information by clicking on the link to the left!

So you want to join the family? Time to read the fine print and see what it takes to be a Treowe Dane owner!  Click on the link to the left for more information.