Treowe Blues Great Danes has been devoted to excellence in breeding Blue and Black Great Danes for over a decade! We are located in central Ohio, about an hour west of Columbus. Our danes are more than just the face of a business, they are our family and this is our journey; we hope to share with those special humans who admire this regal breed as we do! Please click on the link above and get to know us - call or email us; we look forward to learning all about you and your family!.

   Memories in motion and stories unfold - click on the link above to join the Treowe Family fun! Should any of these photos prompt an uncontrolled burst of laughter, or even tears, you are in good company! No matter if you have been blessed to love a Dane already, or you are just coming to know more about the breed, Danes truly are more than just a dog around here - we're so delighted to share our family with you!

     Adding a new member to your family is about so much more than finding the right four-legger, its also about finding the right family to work with.  I am happy to take as much time to answer questions, recommend reading material and speak with your veterinarian, but sometimes it helps to hear what our extended family has to say!  We have been breeding for just over ten years now, so click on the link above and see what it's like to be a member of the Treowe Danes Family!?

Please take some time to get to know our newest Dam, TREOWE BLUES PRECISELY MY LADY"Charlotte" is our own "throw back" to the incredible American Great Dane!


Charlotte whelped a beautiful ALL BLUE litter Dec. 31 2019 - What a way to ring in the New Year! New Photos updated 02/07/20